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Additional Task Forces & Initiatives

Adams Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
The Adams County Teen Pregnancy Coalition is committed to providing leadership to the Adams County community and its families on the prevention of teen pregnancy. They work to achieve this through education, advocacy, and support, in an effort to help youth make healthy decision regarding behaviors and future life options.

AIDS Service Providers Network
Chair: Shannon McElroy

Task force’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of Adams County residents by coordinating quality care for those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

Domestic Violence Task Force
Co-Chairs: Wade Lauer
Domestic Violence Task Force works to reduce the incidence of domestic violence in Adams County by raising awareness, educating the public, prevention, and collaboration.

Housing Task Force
Chair: Ed Jenkins
Housing Task Force members strive for a healthy, socially just community where every person has a safe and affordable place to live of their choice, access to the services and supports they need to maintain a life of dignity and stability, and where all community members are informed, concerned and collaboratively proactive about housing inequities in Adams County.

Latino Services Task Force
Co-Chairs: Yeimi Gagliardi

The Latino Services Task Force of Adams County is a community forum for addressing problems affecting the health and quality of life of the Latino community.

Physical Fitness Task Force
Chair: Colleen Umbenhouer

The Physical Fitness Task Force works to mobilize and lead a united effort to improve the health of individuals in Adams County through increased physical activity.

Safe Kids Coalition of Adams County
Chair: Heather Smith
The Adams County Safe Kids Coalition is a community forum for prevention of childhood injuries throughout Adams County.

Other Initiatives

Aligning Forces for Quality
An effort to improve the health and health care for individuals with chronic illness in Adams & York Counties.  Visit
http://www.aligningforhealthpa.org/ for more information.